Convert text to Excel file

I want to convert in Excel like

Far. IntVer. RelVer
Naka 10.9 18.9
Paka. Na. Na
Moka 10.8 17.8

From input txt file


How to convert input text to Excel like above using powershell

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PowerShell does not support native Excel format (XLS, XLSX) out of the box. You could create CSV output and import it in Excel or you use the great module from Doug Finke

Here you can learn how to use it

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Regardless of all that … I don’t see any obvious relation between the input text you shared and the expected result. Where does this input text come from?

@Olaf I am afraid but due to policy constraint I am unable to open and share the code, I have split and itrate in while loop by get-content |selects-string and it’s about to finish just in case element is absent then NA is unable to add in the logic also the above impoetexcel is not useful in this case I have tried that too, so you throw some light in the area

Of course you should obfuscate or remove any sensitive information. :man_shrugging:t4: We’re not interested in your secrets. We’re interested in helping you. :wink:

I didn’t get that at all. It really does not make any sense to describe the code - just show it.

And again … I cannot see any algorithm yet bringing the text input you shared to the desired output you want. For example: You seem to have 3 columns in the result but there is no sequence of 3 in your input data. And it seems there are values from the input data missing in your result.

And BTW:

When you crosspost the same question at the same time to different forums you should at least post links to the other forums along with your question to avoid people willing to help you making their work twice or more.


@Olaf usually I have used stack overflow but I agree and will follow the rule now onwards

It’s not rules, it’s just good etiquette and manners. You could receive an acceptable answer elsewhere while people are spending their time here helping with something you’re not needing help with any more. Plus future visitors may find this question to be exactly like theirs and could benefit from the answer(s), here or elsewhere.

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