Convert «System.Collections.ArrayList» ?


I’m discovering Powershell, I would like to use value from a JSON file but no way to convert them into Real or float or int…

So I can’t use them.

I’m noob please help

This is my try :

$base_url = ",ETH,ETC"
Start-Sleep -Seconds 1
$URL = "$($base_url)"
$WebRequest = Invoke-WebRequest $URL | ConvertFrom-Json

$WebRequest | where{$_.coin -eq "ETH"} | select -expandProperty reward -OutVariable ETH_reward
$WebRequest | where{$_.coin -eq "ETH"} | select -expandProperty price -OutVariable ETH_price

$ETH_proffit = (Get-Variable ETH_price) * (Get-Variable ETH_reward)


There are many ways to do perform casts. When you get data from the API, it’s a string. Powershell will guess and try to do conversions before math operations, but you can also force the casting with types. Using Invoke-RestMethod will automatically convert from JSON to a PSObject. Once you’ve done that, you can use Select object to do conversions and even add a property with the completed math.

$base_url = ",ETH,ETC"
$WebRequest = Invoke-RestMethod $base_url -Method GET
$WebRequest | Select-Object -Property id,
                                      @{Name='total_reward';Expression={[float]$_.price * [float]$_.reward}}


id               : a195fd59ce0ebc3f9b2d99b3c396ff198bcb4a5e
coin             : BTC
name             : Bitcoin
type             : coin
algorithm        : SHA-256
network_hashrate : 1.4306037987005E+20
difficulty       : 19314656404097
reward           : 2.712287E-19
reward_unit      : BTC
reward_block     : 6.25
price            : 10408.54
volume           : 15232458587.716
updated          : 1600955721
total_reward     : 2.82309449329572E-15

id               : 31e1e1bcf3417b37586b0801d7a98d2346c9f30e
coin             : ETH
name             : Ethereum
type             : coin
algorithm        : Ethash
network_hashrate : 248670891285374
difficulty       : 3176475226008931
reward           : 3.684173E-12
reward_unit      : ETH
reward_block     : 3.2507453098605
price            : 336.9015
volume           : 12646101471.559
updated          : 1600955793
total_reward     : 1.24120340146503E-09

id               : 4a31c231a1d2ef1664497590a29a58e12888a1b7
coin             : ETC
name             : Ethereum Classic
type             : coin
algorithm        : Ethash
network_hashrate : 3520202169646
difficulty       : 44794572608758
reward           : 2.57174E-10
reward_unit      : ETC
reward_block     : 3.2
price            : 4.954754
volume           : 318580826.05362
updated          : 1600955393
total_reward     : 1.27423401724484E-09

Thank you for answer.

I’m sorry but I don’t understand how to use your code.

I would like to store the result of of (reward) X (price) for coin:ETH

I try this but no success (no output) :

$base_url = “,ETH,ETC
$WebRequest = Invoke-RestMethod $base_url -Method GET

$ETH_price = $WebRequest | where{$.coin -eq “ETH”} | Select-Object -Property @{Name=‘price’;Expression={[float]$.price}}

$ETH_reward = $WebRequest | where{$.coin -eq “ETH”} | Select-Object -Property @{Name=‘reward’;Expression={[float]$.reward}}

$ETH_proffit = ($ETH_price) * ($ETH_reward)



After many try no way… I do not find the good syntax for doing what I want.


Your code work’s well and print the result as “total_reward

But I didn’t find the way to store this result per coin in different variables like $ETH_Pofit

I tried with | where{$_.coin -eq “ETH” } and many other things but no way.

I simply would like compare profits per coin in order to start the good program.