trying to convert results

I am working on getting some information from a third party solution using a WebServices API. I can get the results, however, they are not in a format that I can use. I will post the results that I get so you can see it. I need a specific value out of the results. Currently I assign the results from the webrequest to a variable and when I read the contents of the variable I get the following which I have truncated for length of post.

{“phoneNumber”:5551234567,“totalCount”:0,“messages”:"",“devices”:{“device”:{"@id":“1223”,“uuid”:“6e822cb4-7be6-4b0e-b5aa-3b13dbe52ead”,“principal”:“A00764”,“blockReason”:0,“clientId”:1073743052,“compliance”:0,“countryCode”:1,“countryId”:183,“countryName”:“United States”,“createdAt”:“2015-08-27T19:53:16Z”,“currentPhoneNumber”:"+

If I use $result.devices I get the entire list of values in a single string. I need to specifically get the UUID from this result. It appears when I use ConvertFrom-json I get 4 properties, phoneNumber, totalCount, messages and devices. I need to get a piece of information out of devices. I tried to convert that to an array to no help. Any other thoughts on how to convert $result.devices into useable pieces of information?

You are on the right track, you just need get down to the property to output it.

$data = '{"phoneNumber":5551234567,"totalCount":0,"messages":"","devices":{"device":{"@id":"1223","uuid":"6e822cb4-7be6-4b0e-b5aa-3b13dbe52ead","principal":"A00764","blockReason":0,"clientId":1073743052,"compliance":0,"countryCode":1,"countryId":183,"countryName":"United States","createdAt":"2015-08-27T19:53:16Z","currentPhoneNumber":"555-555-5555"}}}' | ConvertFrom-Json