Collecting exchange mailbox permissions

do you think the three different people who came up with these three different and totally unrelated processes have ever spoken to each other?

to get a list of users who have Full Access to an exchange mailbox:

get-mailboxpermission $ | where accessrights -like “fullaccess” | select user

–results are in format “domain\samaccountname

to list who has send-as rights on that mailbox:

get-adpermission $ | where extendedrights -like -eq “send-as” | select user

–results are in format “domain\samaccountname

to get a list of who has send on behalf rights on that mailbox:

get-mailbox $ | select grantsendonbehalfto

–results are in format “

the three different commands are a little annoying, but the result format of the third one is a reeeeeal kick in the pants.