Code Signing Certificates

Hi All,
I want to start signing my scripts to make it easier to run them in the multiple environments I work in daily. The process itself doesn’t seem like that much extra work so it can only be a net-benefit. However, I don’t want to spend a heap of $$$ to get the certificate if I can avoid it. Does anyone know of an affordable cert from a trusted CA?


Those certificates are expensive because they’re typically only issued to organizations, not individuals, and they have a fairly detailed identit verification process behind them.

Does your environment not have a CA?

Thanks Don,
I should have mentioned it was for a business, but it is only a small company, my boss and myself, so it might not be worth the investment at this stage.
Most of the scripts I write end up being run at client sites. The company I work for specifically looks after IT for medical practices and so we end up reusing a lot of the scripts. I had considered self-signing and trusting it at each site. I thought using a trusted CA would be a less messy option. I take your point though.
Thanks again

I dont know if it would be helpful but check out

pls ignore my above post. Codesigning is not supported in letsencrypt. thanks.