Having formed a PS group here in Thailand I am faced with the same question again and again

What certification can we achieve in PS and why should we learn it. Living in Asia, certification is critical in achieving a decent job in your desired industry, I know in Europe we can actually get away with experience only but here is a big no no

So let me ask MS this…PS is definitely on a par with the highly revered MCSD qualification, in fact I would of course biasedly argue its even higher :slight_smile: so why cant we prove this to potential employers

Giving the fact that there is instructor led courses I think this should be a given


The only certification I found was on Microsoft Virtual Academy once you completed the course you can download a certificate

Here is my certification

Thanks Kevin i have done all the MVA courses as well as the official MS curriculum courses written by Don himself however… there is still no valid MS cert that employers require

I do see PS has their own proctored exam but this will not be recognized by most employers especially here in Thailand

A bit of pressure from everyone just may change this

That’s really a shame, With DSC becoming such and important part of Microsoft they should maybe add a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist in Powershell

This is my point exactly and as we have some big guns in this organization it would be nice to make this so

I can actually see this happening as PS becomes more and more prevalent but it would be nice if it would happen before i become too old :slight_smile:

This point has been raised a number of times and each time the answer is the same - PowerShell itself isn’t the important thing - its what you can do with it that’s important. You will find PowerShell related questions in many MS certification exams and I would expect the next round of Windows server exams to carry even more with the introduction of Nano server.

back in the point and click days we didn’t have exams in the MMC. Using MMC based tools was a feature of the product based exams

Thanks Richard point noted but for me personally PS related questions are simply not enough and certainly do not prove you know Powershell

Although quite adequate for entry level and possibly intermediate candidates id personally like to see an exam kinda like the Cisco CCIE all hands on and timed

That may prove you can write a PowerShell script. Does it prove you can administer Exchange, AD or whatever?
At the moment organizations appear to be predominantly hiring people to administer X - hopefully via PowerShell - but the technology is the leader not PowerShell itself.

My job is to automate activities for the cloud services operated by the company I work for. I was hired for the breadth of my technical knowledge and the fact that I’d been automating on numerous platforms for years. PowerShell was the icing on the cake for them.

One day this may change but at the moment the underlying technology is still the leader

It makes sense that there is no way or confirming that you know powershell and asking you to learn the cmdlets goes against the discover ability of Powershell