Code not giving the desired output when running from remote server and providing

I am trying to execute a set of code using “Invoke-Command with computer name and path”. It is executing the file but not getting the correct result. When I am executing the same code locally on the server just by using “Run with Powershell” it is giving the correct output. Can anyone please help me with this.

Example 1) Invoke-Command -ComputerName $ServerName -FilePath “\$ServerName\C$\textfile.ps1”

It is giving wrong output

Example 2) textfile.ps1 ---->Run with Powershell

It is providing correct output

What is the expected and wrong output here. Is it possible to share both the outputs.
I suggest not do use script execution from remote path. Try to have it locally or get the script content and convert to scriptblock using [ScriptBlock]::create($content) method.

I might be off here, but it looks like you have the script on the destination server …and I’m replying from phone.

of course there might be issues like second hop killing credentials etc.

Invoke-Command -ComputerName $ServerName -scriptblock {start-process “c:\textfile.ps1”}