CLIXML - Transform

I’m using CLIXML to serialize some objects that need to change from one environment to another. As such I’ve figured out a means to transform these xml files using ConfigTransforms. is there any reason I shouldn’t do this?

This GUI util I built in Powershell Studio, it exports data driven subscriptions. This is the thing I want to transform. Those subscriptions have a field called match data that I need to transform from one environment to another. Basically this match data is the Timing for when the subscription fires.

The object can be re-hydrated after this transform.

Here is what the transform of the item looks like:

Transform information is in the Gist notes.

The gui script is below:

Removed 3000 line block of code :slight_smile: -WA

I think one reason you might not have any feedback is that a 3000-line block of code sample might be a wee bit much for people to absorb and comment upon :).

i agree didn’t realize my script was that Huge… is there a means for me to remove the link to the gist?