Check when user was added to AD group

I’m trying to write a script in PowerShell to find When the user was added or removed in an AD group. I also find a script related to this but I’m not able to get the time with that. So, can anyone please help me in this?

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AFAIK those information are not logged unless you activated AD auditing.

Function Get-ADGroupMemberDate {     
    Param (
    Begin {         
        [regex]$pattern = '^(?<State>\w+)\s+member(?:\s(?<DateTime>\d{4}-\d{2}-\d{2}\s\d{2}:\d{2}:\d{2})\s+(?:.*\\)?(?<DC>\w+|(?:(?:\w{8}-(?:\w{4}-){3}\w{12})))\s+(?:\d+)\s+(?:\d+)\s+(?<Modified>\d+))?'
        $DomainController = ($env:LOGONSERVER -replace "\\\\")
            Throw "Computer from which script is run is not joined to domain and domain controller can not be identified."
        Write-Verbose "Checking distinguished name of the group $Group"
            $distinguishedName = (Get-ADGroup -Identity $Group).DistinguishedName
            Write-Warning "$group can not be found!"
        $RepadminMetaData = (repadmin /showobjmeta $DomainController $distinguishedName | Select-String "^\w+\s+member" -Context 2)
        $Array = @()
        ForEach ($rep in $RepadminMetaData) 
           If ($rep.line -match $pattern) 
               $object = New-Object PSObject -Property  @{
                    Username = [regex]::Matches($rep.context.postcontext,"CN=(?<Username>.*?),.*") | ForEach {$_.Groups['Username'].Value}
                    LastModified = If ($matches.DateTime) {[datetime]$matches.DateTime} Else {$Null}
                    DomainController = $matches.dc
                    Group = $group
                    State = $matches.state
                    ModifiedCounter = $matches.modified
                $Array += $object                 
        $Array = $Array | Format-Table -AutoSize

I’m using this script but I’m not getting the last modified date with this

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I assume this code is not from you. Where did you find this code?

I used this code :

Check when user was added to AD group -"”

That relies on parsing the output of repadmin and reading through the comments in the link you’ve provided, it looks like the regular expression might not be working for everyone.

Since Server 2012 we’ve had a cmdlet for this Get-ADReplicationAttributeMetadata

Ashley McGlone has written about this and provides an example script that I think will do what you want. I can’t test at the moment.

You might also find his AD Forensics talk useful as it demos the cmdlet:


Ok @matt-bloomfield I will go thorugh this video and try it