Change the language and keyboard layout

I want to change the Display Language, Input Language, and format of Welcome screen and New user account

How can I change it by PowerShell?


  1. You should have installed language pack, without language pack change does not apply,
    If you don’t have language pack, download it (for a given OS build !) and apply using dism add-package - for oldest builds and for newest i think you should install lang pack as appx (LXP)
  2. A long time ago i used XML answer file to apply lang settings, maybe now with new os build e.g. 20H1,20H2… yo can do this in a different way.

Read about this:

Thanks DejvDzi,

I know how to configure international settings by using an answer file.

However, I expect to find another way to do it with powershell. I have seen the module International but most of them just are used for the current user account in a session. It could be fine if I deploy a script in the first login of a user.