Changing OS Language

Hi, i’ve after some help.

We’ve just completed a Windows 8.1 deployment project. We have 90 desktops in France that i’ve been asked to automate a keyboard language change for all users and which applies to the Home screen.

I’m aware of the PowerShell language cmdlets (Set-WinUILanguageOverride,
Set-WinUserLanguageList etc) but could do with some pointers in the right direction please.

I’m assuming you’ve seen powershell - Change OS Language Silently (Windows 7) - Stack Overflow and; was there something more particular you needed help with?

Thanks Don.
I kind of gotta around it in the end. It required me to set the language details and export three registry keys from HKEY_Users.Default
I then imported then with PowerShell.
I needed to just set the keyboard language to French only for 10 users. I’m sure there was a better way but this has worked.