Change Download settings | Change the download settings using the Power Shell


I am trying to change the Chrome download settings using Power Shell. This is required to be setup before the user opens Google chrome.
The browser should prompt user download path, and not automatically download to download location.
I do not want to change registry. With the below Power Shell script, I am unable to change the preference. What is the issue here? Please help.
Power Shell Script
$LocalAppData = [Environment]::GetFolderPath( [Environment+SpecialFolder]::LocalApplicationData )
$ChromeDefaults = Join-Path $LocalAppData “Google\Chrome\User Data\default”
$ChromePrefFile = Join-Path $ChromeDefaults “Preferences”
$ChromeSettings = Get-Content $ChromePrefFile | ConvertFrom-Json
$ChromeSettings | ConvertTo-Json -depth 32 | set-content $ChromePrefFile