CD Rom Script

Hi all,

I’m new to PowerShell. I need help writing a script to let me know the last time the CD Drive was used. Please help guys. Thanks.

By “the last time the CD Drive was used”, do you mean

  • the last time a CD/DVD was inserted in the drive?
  • the last time files were read from the CD Drive?
  • Does CD Drive refer to a physical drive or a mounted ISO?

I really need to know when it was used to create a disc. I’m ok with them reading cds, but it’s important to me to know when something was created. I have 10 systems with built in cd drive and one with external usb drive, so physical not mounted ISO. Thanks Sam.


I would look into the specifics of the OS, and the software used for burning CDs. You can disable the use of CD/DVD drives and/or USB drives via GPO, or specifically the writing of CD/DVD.
You can look into the ‘StagingPath’ under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\CD Burning\StagingInfo and log files that are copied to/from this path…