Career in PowerShell automation

I’m currently a Certified SCCM Administrator, but found out last week our IT deployment is being outsourced.
Over the past year I’ve found a passion for PowerShell and automation. I’ve just started to learn C# as i enjoy the programming side and liked the way i could use C# with PowerShell, creating cmdlets etc.
I’m based in the UK, and looking for roles which i could use these skills. What sort of roles could people suggest that i might be able to do with these skills ? C# is a massive learning curve, so i’m going to have to hit it hard. I want to move my career into this automation area. I think DevOps roles would be too big a jump for me at this stage, unfortunately (I’m 36 and been in IT for 20 years).
I would be grateful for any views and what sort of roles people have now that could interest this career path. Thanks !

Hey there Graham. Sorry to hear about your position, however, the opportunities are definitely out there.

I’m very much the same. I’m 38 with about 15 years experience under my belt. I’m also a former SCCM guy (well, not former…it’s just not my primary interest anymore).

From a PowerShell perspective, there’s plenty of opportunities! I’ve been working more and more in automating Azure and managing IaaS instances with Desired State Configuration. I’ve also been doing a lot of learning on deploying Azure templates and learning JSON as a result (Ravi Chaganti has an amazing series starting here:

All of this fits really well into a DevOps model, and positions requiring a heavy knowledge of PowerShell are becoming a lot more common. Don’t be discouraged! Your age and experience aren’t barriers, they’re tools in that ever-growing toolbox as a professional.

The biggest hurdle to overcome is finding the motivation to learn new things. You learned PowerShell; you can learn the rest. :slight_smile:

Thank you will, very encouraging words. Are you based in the UK ? I’ll be interested in seeing how you advertised yourself through your CV…

Anytime! :slight_smile:

I’m currently based in Canada. I use LinkedIn as my CV now as it’s easier to keep current. You can also PDF your LinkedIn CV and it’ll print out in a resume format, so it’s convenient for me to direct recruiters there as opposed to constantly updating a Word document. Feel free to take a look. :slight_smile:

Thank you Will, you have been a great help.

My last job was automation for a provider’s cloud services using a mixture of C# and PowerShell.

In terms of career change - many years ago I moved into IT after 10 years in the oil exploration industry so anything is possible.

I am based in the UK and while I haven’t looked at the job boards recently devops is becoming a more requested skill set - its just no-one can really tell you what they mean so if you understand the devops principles AND can demonstrate good PowerShell skills you should be OK.

I have seen a number of contract positions for PowerShell skills.

Whether you’re looking for contract or full-time I’d strongly suggest ‘publicising’ your skills. Make sure your linked in profile is up to date & reflects the correct skill set and experience - look at job adverts to see what people want!

Also look at getting some articles published - either on your own blog or here on Answer questions on the forum. Anything you can point to that will help demonstrate your skill

Thanks Richard, that is good advice. Gives me a bit of confidence. I’m running my own blog currently, which is a couple of months old, ( I’ve posted links on LinkedIn and Twitter (#PowerShell, #ConfigMgr). In the process of updating the CV and linkedin. Its hard to know how to push PowerShell automation skills on a CV, i’ve added this to a “personnel Statement” at the beginning.

Hey Graham, I am 39 years old and have been in IT for the last 20 years. I started teaching myself programming than went it learning server and back into programming. I love the programming world of IT. I am currently working as a Desktop Support Analyst. I do so much more like create GPO’s, some SCCM stuff and write PowerShell scripts. Like Will Anderson said “Your age and experience aren’t barriers, they’re tools in that ever-growing toolbox as a professional.” Just keep learning.

I put in PowerShell into the job search and they also seem to want ruby, python skills etc. Which I’m happy to learn but don’t know at the moment. I thought having an understanding of how C# intergrates with PowerShell would be useful. Any tips on search criteria ?

Graham, it is always hard to have a job move forced on you and I am sorry to hear it is happening to you. Please do not think that your age and experience are limiting factors. I would go so far as to say that you have the right passion for this transition. The passion you have for automation will help you answer some of those interview questions that help set you apart from others. Think about time where it used to take hours\days\weeks to get task complete and you automated it and saved time and money for your company. While SCCM and System Center skills are useful and valuable their tend to be limited postings for these at anyone time. Powershell is valuable across the windows platform so even if you change focus it can still strengthen your value to potential employers. Just be sure to use examples highlight how you used the skills you have a passion for.
Also do not let something new like DevOps put you off. Review the requirements of any position you are interested in, it might just be a great fit.

Here is an awesome course on c# and PowerShell from pluralsightcom I have been a paid member for two years already. Don’t forget the free courses from

Kind words, thank you. I have a passion for powershell and say I’m ok. But I don’t have much knowledge on the languages like ruby. Even though I have passion I can’t see a company taking a punt.

Hi Graham,

I’m in the same boat but just a few months ahead of you in the process. I’m 42 (although this didn’t worry me personally). The location I worked for the last 11 years announced in January they are switching to a new Managed Services Provider. I had the option of transferring to the new provider but decided to look elsewhere.

It took a while but after 8 interviews I landed a great job with big Internet company. I start next Monday. In the interviews I was quizzed on a wide range of topics but everyone I spoke with (across multiple technology domains) was really keen on PowerShell and automation.

Best of luck Graham I’m sure you will be snapped up by a new employer.


Thank you Michael. Nice to hear from someone in the same boat. I’m not concerned about my age, it’s more I want to have a stronger knowledge of C#, .net and maybe ruby and python. Ideally another year in my current role to continue my self development. Still alot I want to learn in PowerShell and hope by learning C# that this add to the understanding and the flexibility to do more with it.
It’s the automation with PowerShell that excites me. I want a role to reflect this area in an ideal world ! :slight_smile:

I betr with your SCCM background and PowerShell alone Graham you’ll be high in demand.

There’s lots of IT Pros I know won’t touch either as they find them too confusing!

Very kind of you Michael. Funny, I never give myself enough credit, but I’m sure most people are like this :relaxed: