Can't see or import any Azure module!

I am running Windows 7 Pro. I successfully installed PowerShell 4.0. I want to start experimenting with Azure commandlets. However, I can see nor import any of the Azure modules even when I run > Get-Module -LisstAvailable , which should display all modules available to me. How can I view the Azure modules?

Here is may screen capture.

The modules don’t come with Windows. Did you download and install them?

Here is the link for installing the Azure module:

Also, if you have already installed this, it won’t automatically be added to your module path. For me the installer dropped it at “${env:ProgramFiles(x86)}\Microsoft SDKs\Azure\powershell\ServiceManagement\Azure\Azure.psd1”. You’ll either need to specify the full path to the module manifest file or add it to your path. I chose the second option and add it to my module path in my Powershell profile:

    'x86'   {$AzureModulePath = "$env:ProgramFiles\Microsoft SDKs\Azure\powershell\ServiceManagement\Azure\Azure.psd1"}
    'AMD64' {$AzureModulePath = "${env:ProgramFiles(x86)}\Microsoft SDKs\Azure\powershell\ServiceManagement\Azure\Azure.psd1"} 
$Env:PSModulePath += ";$AzureModulePath"

Then you can just run:

Import-Module Azure