Cannot Rotate Some Images

I’m using the following function to rotate JPG’s with a mouse click. Strange things is that not all of them rotate. Some rotate thru the entire 360. Some rotate 180. Some do not rotate at all, they just sit there!! I did have a line echoing to host to let me know that the Function was being called at every mouse click. So I can only guess that there’s something attached to/in/?? on the images that refuse to cooperate!!! Any insight will be appreciated!! Thanks…Gordon

FUNCTION Rotate($Image) {
$Img = New-Object System.Drawing.Bitmap($Image)
$Img.Save($Image, “BMP”)

These are a few of the images I cannot get to rotate correctly. If they work fine for others then it has to be something in/on my computer. Windows 10, Powershell 7. I’ve tried with ISE and VS Code as well as just the command line. My form code includes:
‘Add-Type -AssemblyName System.Windows.Forms , PresentationCore , System.Drawing , PresentationFramework’



Being a new member, I can only post one pic at a time. This one rotates correctly for me

This one rotates 180