Powershell to resize powerpoint slides

Hi. I am just wondering if it is possible to use Powershell to save individual slides in jpeg format and then resize them in paint.

At the moment I do it manually. I work in a school where the school menu is edited by the head cook. It is then sent to me where I go through the painful process of saving each slide in the Powerpoint to JPEG. Then I open each slide in paint to resize to the correct size for TV screens to display through USB.

I haven’t learned Powershell yet. I was just wondering if a task like this is possible as it is the same process every time.

Thank you

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The first questions comming to my mind reading this would be “About how many files are we talking?”, “What do you do with the JPEG files then?” and “Why don’t you ask the head cook to provide the menu in the desired format?”. … and what actually is the desired format?

Maybe not in Paint since Paint does not have an API as far as I know. But there are tools out there able to resize JPEG images from command line or in batch … like ImageMagic or IrfanView.

I’m not familiar enough with PowerPoint but there might be tools or makros available capable to do this in bulk.

If it is just for this one task you may be better of with the batch converter built in in IrfanView.

This feature is built into Powerpoint

Hi. Thanks for the advice. There are 14 slides on the Powerpoint at present. The cook isn’t very computer savvy and this is a process that was happening before I started.

The desired format is JPEG for viewing on TVS through USB

To be honest, I’ve been wanting to learn Powershell for a while and I was scratching my head at annoying tasks I don’t like doing and came up with this one. Thanks

Cool. So … start coding and when you get stuck and cannot find the answer yourself you’re very welcome to come back and ask a specific question about code you wrote yourself. :+1:t3:

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