Can New-WebServiceProxy resolve multiple portTypes in one WSDL?

I am trying to use PowerShell to communicate with an OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition) server via its web service API. It defines 10 portTypes in a single WSDL.

  1. SAWSessionService
  2. WebCatalogService
  3. XMLViewService
  4. jobManagementService
  5. SecurityService
  6. ReplicationService
  7. ReportEditingService
  8. IBotService
  9. HTMLViewService
  10. MetadataService
Each service has its own set of oprations. When I use New-WebServiceProxy on the WSDL, I get an object of type SAWSessionService; and I can only use the operations belong to SAWSessionService, not other services. Is this designed behavior of New-WebServiceProxy? Or do I miss something here?

No, you’re not missing anything.

Thanks, Don! Then what is the best way to call other services?

I use this method:

I everyone. I have the same issue to call SAP BODS wsdl trought New-WebServiceProxy.
Did anyone find a clean solution ?
Jonathan, what’s your method ?