New-WebServiceProxy Type Issue

I have a script that connects to a web service to retrieve customer details for use in configuring a server. Later on in the script it connects to a BITS service to obtain installation files.

Both use New-WebServiceProxy and [ref] variables to export the data:

$cproxy = New-WebServiceProxy -Uri ""
$cproxy.CheckInstallationIdV2($installcode, [ref]$company, [ref]$dnsadd, [ref]$null, [ref]$null, [ref]$null)
$bproxy = New-WebServiceProxy -Uri -Credential $cred
$bits = New-Object -Type Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.NewWebserviceProxy.AutogeneratedTypes.WebServiceProxy1ms_com_downloadservice_asmx.Directory
$bproxy.GetLatestVersionDetails([ref]$bits) | Out-Null

This has been running perfectly fine until today, which I now realise is because currently there is no restart between the two sections while previously there was. The error I’m getting is that the type for $bits cannot be found.

If I run the two individually it’s fine, but once the first proxy is created I can’t create the object for $bits (nor does it want to accept anything like PSObject or Object or whatever, it has to be the exact type AFAIK). Disposing the original proxy doesn’t help either.

New-WebServiceProxy has a -Namespace parameter that you can use to control these conflicts. (Your type names passed to New-Object will also change slightly to match the Namespace you’ve specified.)

Ahhhh because it’s using the same namespace as the original proxy which of course then doesn’t include the class I need.

Thanks =)