Disable DSC

Hi everyone,

I’ve been tasked with implementing DSC at my organization and have done so

successfully with great results. However, developers occasionally would like to

perform maintenance involving resources that DSC currently controls (ie. services, app pools, etc.).


Is there a way myself or dev teams can temporarily disable DSC to prevent it from “making it so”

at it’s scheduled 15min intervals? I was thinking of a way to disable the LCM but haven’t found anything yet.

Your help is much appreciated.



You can set LCM ConfigurationMode to ‘MonitorOnly’.

Here is the settings I use


configuration LCMConfig
   Node localhost
          ActionAfterReboot = "ContinueConfiguration"
          Configurationmode = "ApplyOnly"
          RefreshMode = 'Push'




Good stuff guys. Thanks!

I need to ask the question here, why are the developers making these changes live? If these are being made in test that is an entirely different story.

If your devs have tested these changes then they should be giving you the changes to migrate to production. By turning off DSC or moving it to monitor only, you are opening yourself for drift and going to cause issues once you turn it back on.