Dear friends,

I’m trying to figure out, from research on various websites, in forums etc., a solution that I think is relatively simple, but so far I got no luck.

I would like to block mail to a particular person in Exchange, but not using the entire address, but telling only part of the domain name.

For clarity, let’s assume that I have received emails from different users (or coming from the same user), but the sender’s address in some way modify itself continuously.

Sometimes they would be, e.g.

… @

then arrive as

… @

another time would come as

… @

and later as

… @

and repeating also part of one of the above domains as

… @

I would like to at least block the emails arriving, such as ‘’, which would help a lot.

The PowerShell command might be like

Set-MailboxJunkEmailConfiguration -Identity $usuario -BlockedSendersAndDomains User @ {Add = "*."}

annotating an asteris, that is not alowed.

So far, I know I can control, for example, the following sentence:

Set-MailboxJunkEmailConfiguration -Identity $usuario -BlockedSendersAndDomains User @ {Add = ""}

because, in this case, this would be the full domain name.

But as the field changes all the time, this does not help much.

I could use a sort of a ‘wildcard’ to this problem? The command itself does not allow it.

Most grateful,


I think the only way to do what you want is to create a transport rule. It does not look like Mailbox Junk Configuration allows for wild cards and neither does EOP filter rules. There is a condition in transport rules to apply the rule if “sender address includes” and you could either a) send it to quarantine or b) mark the spam score manually to send to user junk folder.

Thank you, Flowers.