Blank output when trying to use Where-Object and Select-Object in table

I am trying to:

$MS_table | Where-Object {($_.SystemName -eq '')} | Select-Object {($_.ManagedSystemID)}

and my table looks like:

I have no idea why I am not getting output :confused:

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What would be the desired output then? It seems you have an output when you say

BTW: Your Select-Object should more likely look like this:

Select-Object -Property ManagedSystemID

Or if you just want the ID as a string:

Select-Object -ExpandProperty ManagedSystemID

this table that I posted is my input in $ms_table. I shoul put it before the code :slight_smile:
I want to search the table which is in $ms_table by the SystemName and get proper ManagedSystemID as a variable.
The table is bigger:
I just uploaded the piece of it :slight_smile:

Ah … ok … so this should be enough actually:

$MS_table | 
    Where-Object { $_.SystemName -eq '' } | 
        Select-Object -Property ManagedSystemID

Tried it already, didn’t work for me :confused:

You could try t o use -like instead of -eq and add * in front and at the end of the string. … like so:

$MS_table | 
    Where-Object { $_.SystemName -like '**' } | 
        Select-Object -Property ManagedSystemID

Which command is providing the table output ? Are you able to get only ManagedSystemID without Where-Object ?
Can you do a $MS_table | Get-Member and share output ?