Best practices for outputting objects (Inserting via invoke-SQLCMD)

Hi all,

I am after some advice from the community with regards to how best handle the following Scenario:

In reference to the following Best Practices when writing PowerShell tools

*A Tool does one thing.
*Objects are the only form of pipeline output emitted.

I have written a tool to Insert data into a SQL Database via Invoke-SQLCMD (I am generalizing the code and removing a lot of it to protect identity)

$ComputerName = "ServerA"
$Geolocation = "ACountry"

Invoke-Sqlcmd -Database $Database -ServerInstance $ServerInstance -Query "Insert into Details(ComputerName, Geolocation) VALUES ('$ComputerName','$Geolocation')"

When this runs you get no feedback from PowerShell and I cant see anything I can use on the pipeline- but it certainly is adding data into the DB, so something is happening there… I am aware of new parameters with invoke-sqlcmd like -outputas but playing around with these gives me nothing.

How do I design the above so that it outputs objects… but also not adding any extra activities in the tool…