Azure AD Join Disconnect


I have been looking to see how I can disconnect and join a computer to an Azure AD Domain.

From what I can see so far there does not appear to be a PS command unless I’m missing something but there is plenty of examples for on prem domains which is what I do not want.

Can any one help?


Azure AD does not have domains/forests. Azure AD is not AD in Azure. It’s a completely different database with different schema, properties, behavior, governance, …

domain/forest are concepts relating to Active Directory (AD)

In Azure, you get 1 AAD (Azure AD) per tenant (not subscription)

Last time I looked into joining a computer to AAD tenant, this was a manual GUI based process. It does a few things in the background like creating local users/groups, assigning permissions and such. No sure if there’s any native PS automations for that yet. See for more details