Automate the removal of the DNS Root of a computer name

I am trying to figure out how I can remove the DNS Root of a computer so I can plug that into the Get-ADComputer cmdlet.

What I am doing is taking a list of IP addresses and resolving those to computer names like so:

$ComputerNames = @(Get-Content 'C:\IPAddressList.txt' | ForEach-Object{ 

Then when I call on the $ComputerNames variable it gives me the computer names along with the DNS Root at the end, like so:

How can I go about removing the “” DNS Root so I can just use the computer name for Get-ADComputer?

Get-ADComputer errors if I try to use ‘


Assuming $computername has the entire string,

$justthecomputer = $computername -replace “”,""

Would do that.

Thanks Don, I already figured this out by doing the following:

$FQDNComputers = ''
$DNSRoot = (Get-ADDomain).DNSRoot 
Foreach ($Computer in $FQDNComputers)
    $Computer -Replace(".$DNSRoot","")