Hopefully easy > Computer Name from User Name (distinguishedName)

Want to get the Computer name of the User (User account I know).

Hoping this makes sense below:

$User = Read-Host "Whats the Account UserName?"
#1. input Username credentials
get-aduser $User | Select-Object DistinguishedName
#2. get the distinguishedname for the user account
Get-ADComputer -Filter {ManagedBy -eq 'CN=xsurname, xfirst,OU=CG,OU=PROD,OU=BusinessUnits,DC=ourbusiness,DC=com,DC=au'
# 3. need to drop 'DistinguishedName" from 2. into the 3.  [ManagedBy -eq {ManagedBy -eq 'xx....xxx'        variable.

#How can I ‘define’ this as what the error is?


Thanks in advance for this one - will save me plenty of time.

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So you have to save the result of Get-ADUser in a variable and use it for the filter for Get-ADComputer.

What do you mean with that? What Error?

The following should work:

$DN = $null # Clear out variable DN
$user = Read-Host "What is the account username?"
# -Expand returns the property value rather than an object containing the property
$DN = Get-ADUser $user | Select-Object -Expand DistinguishedName # DN contains just the DistinguishedName
Get-ADComputer -Filter 'ManagedBy -eq $DN'

@AdminOfThings45 && Thanks for the feedback and working answer.

Most important thanks for the explanation and notes - learning for the day.

The script above does exactly as requested. Initially a few time outs however still produced result.


For anyone else I added a new first line to the above to assist in my environment:

Import-Module ActiveDirectory


Top of the day to you.


[quote quote=247345]For anyone else I added a new first line to the above to assist in my environment:

Import-Module ActiveDirectory[/quote]

Since Powershell version 3 that’s unnecessary. A properly installed module will be imported automatically by Powershell if needed.