Any SCVMM 2012 folks here?

Working on a build script for new VM’s.

I can get it to build a VM based on a template and customize name and hardware specs easily enough, however trying to customize the network settings: DNS, Static IPv4 Address, Subnet Mask is giving me a lot of trouble. Anyone know the best way to script that out?

What kind of trouble, specifically? These kinds of settings are fairly trivial to configure with SCVMM.

Right now the only way I’ve found to set the NIC config (IP address, subnet mask, DNS servers) is to use an unattend.xml answer file. I’m working on dynamically generating the unattend.xml with powershell, but is there a way to perform these tasks natively within SCVMM?

Essentially I have a database of system configs (I build a lot of similar environments) with system names, IP addresses, hardware profiles etc… and I’m writing scripts to build out these environments.

There absolutely is. What you’re attempting to do is accomplished via VMM Service Templates. Here are a couple of resources that’ll get you started:

A Tech Ed session I did in MSY this past June:
An article I wrote for TechNet Magazine:

If you have a CBT Nuggets subscription, these two series’ document their use in deep detail: and