ADSI Does Not Accept Specific Passwords

Problem is: Example #1 password is treated as two literals being that I have the double quote smack dab in the middle of the password.

Problem is: Example #2 password is treated as a variable starting at the dollar sign character.



How can I fix this syntactical issue so that ADSI accepts these types of passwords via POSH. Is it possible to resolve this?

Many thanks!

Use single quotes not double. (‘dds"ex6722!’) (‘p88$Top60’)

as you say you can you single quotes, however I would hazard a guess that the password generator (i assume your using one?) may spit out those also.

i would go along the lines of excluding the single quotes in the password generation then all will be fine, i came accross something similar, using MS Orchestrator.

You can double up the single quotes and still make it work, but means you have to remember to do that.

Assuming you’re running these commands interactively and either typing or pasting in the passwords, use a prompt to avoid having to escape any characters.

$Admin5.SetPassword((read-host “Enter password”))

If you are writing a one off script, you can use here-strings to avoid escaping characters.