ADMT and PowerShell

Hi all!

We’re about to embark on a fun AD migration project. Jan wrote a nice post on using the ADMT.Migration COM object a while back, this was a very helpful jump start.

That being said, we’re going to need the include file to associate principals with disparate samaccountnames.

Does the ADMT.Migration object expose the option to use an include file? Digging around in here I’m not seeing anything obvious, and not finding much documentation out there. Am I missing something, or would I be better off wrapping the command line calls (not COM) in PowerShell functions?

On a side note… does anyone know of any existing ADMT PowerShell functions or modules, outside of Jan’s code?


It would be pretty unusual for a COM object to do that, so likely not. Me, I prefer to wrap COM in a function whenever possible, so that I can use the rest of PowerShell’s functionality and language to automate the process.

Odd, hopefully this won’t double post…

Hi Don!

Should have mentioned; that’s the goal. Looking to write a few functions or a module that wrap up some interface to ADMT.

Looks like wrapping the executable will be more flexible.



I’m looking to do something very similar with PowerShell. We have around 10 domains we need to migrate 2 of which are intraforest. How far did you get? Have you posted any of your code?

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We ended up wrapping ADMT.exe. The COM object didn’t cover a few key requirements (e.g. include file).

Will look at sanitizing and posting the code. It’s not user facing, so… might be a bit ugly / not follow best practices : )

Alrighty, sanitized it a bit. Much of this was purpose-built, not really meant for public consumption : ) Even internally, we call a modified version of this through a delegated, constrained endpoint, which locks things down a bit more.

Some notes in the comments