Add-PswaAuthorizationRule Syntax


Im trying to add an ‘Add-PswaAuthorizationRule’ all the examples in get-help seem to be for users and not user groups?

I have a domain security Group called PowerShellAdmins, I want to grant access to domain computers, and I don’t want any restrictions, Ie ‘ConfigurationName *’

I HAVE VERY LITTLE POWERSHELL EXP so Im guessing my user group and computer group naming is wrong?

-UserGroupName petenetlive\PowerShellAdmins it does not like
-UserGroupName PowerShellAdmins it does not like

-ComputerGroupName “Domain Computers” it does not like
-ComputerGroupName “petenetlive\Domain Computers” it does not like

Does anyone have an example of this commandlet use for a domain security group - and granting access to a domain computer group (with a space in it name’.

I appreciate this is a massive Noob question - but I’ve sat in one lecture and watched 3 powershell videos (bear with me.)


Not one reply :frowning:

I worked it out put domain computers in a security group

Add-PswaAuthorizationRule -ComputerGroupName “petenetlive\PSComputers” -UserGroupName “petenetlive\PSAdmins” -ConfigurationName *