Add new Bulk users

HI gurus

can I add newly created bulk users directly to the security group?

I have created a new security global security Group and I want to add a bulk of user with a password that I have on a CSV file?


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Of course. That’s easily doable with PowerShell. To get you started you should read about the cmdlets


You don’t have to re-invent the wheel though. There are more than enough examples for tasks like this out there. You may search for examples either here in the forum or on StackOverflow or the PowerShell-Gallery.

If you already have code you wrote and you’ve got stuck with it you should post this code here and the errors if there are some and explain what’s not working as expected and we might be able to help you further.

Regardless of that - I think this question would fit better in the category “PowerShell Help”. You may change this. :wink:

Thanks a bunch for jumping, what I was looking for is for a totally new user, it seems like I have to create the user first New-aduser and then add-adgroupmember, I was looking to see if it was possible to do and do one step instead of two steps.

That’s like a chicken and egg problem. You have to have an existing user to be able to add this as a new member to a group. You could use the parameter -PassThru for the New-ADUser cmdlet to get a return object representing the newly created user. You can use this to add it to the AD group. But yes - you have to create the user first.