Add users to groups as part of New-ADUser process?

Hi All,

I’m using Import-Csv and New-ADUser to create a whole bunch of new users. This is working fine.

However, we have 27 different Active Directory groups for the various company job roles. Each user only needs to belong to a single AD group to get everything they need.

Is there a way of specifying group membership as part of the user creation process? I noticed there’s no ‘-memberof’ parameter in New-ADUser or Set-ADUser.

I’m already using ‘Foreach-Object’. Can I use it again in the same line?

I’ve also tried to put the whole command in parentheses like this:

Add-ADGroupmember ‘AD Role Group’ (Import-Csv Users.csv | For-Each {New-ADUser etc.etc})

(Kinda suspected that wouldn’t work before I tried).

Any suggestions?



First, add -PassThru to your New-ADUser command, and assign the output of the command to a variable.

$user = New-ADUser -PassThru -Etc -Blah -Whatever

You see, you need to stop doing everything as a giant one-liner. The $user variable can then be used in one or more subsequent calls to Add-ADGroupMember. In your CSV, just add a GroupName field.

$users = Import-CSV users.csv

ForEach ($user in $users) {

$newuser = New-ADUser -PassThru -Name $user.Name -whatever -etc

Add-ADGroupMember $User.GroupName $newuser


As soon as you’re doing more than one thing, you need to start thinking like a script, not like a ginormous one-liner.

Hi Don,

Many thanks for this. Due to my limited experience/knowledge of Powershell at the time, I still struggled with this task. I haven’t had to create any AD accounts for a while, but I’ve been using Powershell for various tasks every day since.

We’ve just had a bunch of new user requests come in, so I revisited this script. I’ve got it working now. (Would never have known to use the -Passthru switch).