a question powershell output formatting

I understand that you can format output by using -autosize -wrap, fl, ft and various other methods. However I’m a little confused about formatting columns so I can see all the output. When I run gv PSVersionTable | ft -wrap the output it still cutoff with a …
I know I can run $psversiontable, but I want to know why gv Error | ft -wrap wraps the text properly but gv PSVersionTable | ft -wrap does not.

It depends on the object. Some object types have pre-defined formatting instructions provided by Microsoft, and their formatting will reflect that default unless you do something completely custom - e.g., define each output column yourself.

[blockquote]define each output column yourself. [/blockquote]

and how would you to that.

Get-Something | Format-Table ColumnA,ColumnB,@{n='ColumnC';expression={ $_.PropC / 1GB };width=10;align='right';formatString='N2'}

As an example. There are other examples in the help for Format-Table. The point is, when you list out the columns yourself - whether you create custom ones or not, as I’ve done with ColumnC in my example - the default formatting doesn’t apply.