ConvertTo-HTML cmdlet

hi everyone,

get-process | Select-Object name,Description,VM | ConvertTo-Html|Format-Table name,description,@{n='VM(MB)';e={$PSItem.VM / 1MB -as [int]};formatstring='f2'; align='right'} | Out-File C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Powershell\process3.html

when i run this script it runs without errors but its not what i expected i want to format the VM column as mention in the script
but i get the output as default formatting

Note:-when i run this script without ConverTo-HTML the Formatting is applied as in the script

is there any way of solving this plz help

Thanks !!!

The output of Format-* cmdlets cannot be consumed by anything but Out-File, Out-String, Out-Printer, and Out-Host. This is a common mistake, as described in “The Big Book of PowerShell Gotchas” ( I suggest reviewing that (it’s a free book).

Consider using Select-Object instead. You will need to remove the FormatString and Align directives, as Select-Object does not support those.

Thanks for the help and recommendation

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