1st attempt at controller script how to call function in a .psm1 file

I would like to… enter selection then run the selection (Tool) with parameters

The “tools” are generally run against remote PC’s; all of the functions in the psm1 file use invoke-command…

to date i have the script below which enumerates the “tools” (Functions) in a .psm1 file dynamically.

$Function = get-module Toolkit -ListAvailable | % {$_.ExportedCommands.Values}
$menu = @{}
for ($i=1;$i -le $Function.count; $i++)
{ Write-Host “$i. $($Function[$i-1].name),$($Function[$i-1].status)”

[int]$ans = Read-Host ‘Enter selection’
$selection = $menu.Item($ans) ;

$selection would run the selected tool.

Suggestions as to how I can achieve this would be greatly appreciated, bearing in mind my skill level is basic

Firstly, when posting code in the forum, please can you use the preformatted text </> button. It really helps us with readability, and also makes testing easier as we can copy and paste your code without faffing about replacing curly quote marks to get things working.

One way to do this would be use Invoke-Expression which converts a string to executable code.

$Function = Get-Module Toolkit -ListAvailable | ForEach-Object { $_.ExportedCommands.Values }
$menu = @{}
for ($i = 1; $i -le $Function.count; $i++) {
    Write-Host "$i. $($Function[$i-1].name),$($Function[$i-1].status)"
    $menu.Add($i, ($Function[$i - 1].name))

[int]$ans = Read-Host 'Enter selection'
Invoke-Expression $menu[$ans]
$commands = (Get-Module Storage -ListAvailable).ExportedCommands.Values.Name
$menu = $commands | 
            Select @{Name='Index';Expression={$commands.IndexOF($_) + 1}}, 


Index Command                               
----- -------                               
    1 Add-InitiatorIdToMaskingSet           
    2 Add-PartitionAccessPath               
    3 Add-PhysicalDisk                      
    4 Add-StorageFaultDomain                
    5 Add-TargetPortToMaskingSet            
    6 Add-VirtualDiskToMaskingSet           
    7 Block-FileShareAccess                 
    8 Clear-Disk                            
    9 Clear-FileStorageTier                 
   10 Clear-StorageDiagnosticInfo           
   11 Connect-VirtualDisk                   
   12 Debug-FileShare  ...

Apologies for not formatting the code. I knew there was a preferred way, but couldn’t find /couldn’t remember it.
thank you for your suggestion, i will give it a try

HI Rob-simmers, thank you for your reply, I will give it a go

@matt-bloomfield, that worked a treat. you’ve made my day.
cheers Peter

You’re welcome, happy to help.

Did you manage to incorporate @rob-simmers suggestion? That’s a neat way to generate the menu.

@matt-bloomfield & @rob-simmers no i haven’t tried that one yet. was excited not having to go toa txt file containing all the functions in my toolkit module each time i needed to run one. I will have a try though

thanks again everyone for your suggestions