xWebsite not able to bind SSL cert

I am trying to set SSL certificate for the website in the website bindings . So I am using xWebsite resource for this , In this when I provide the resource with following details

xWebsite NewWebsite
Ensure = “Present”
Name = $Node.WebSiteName
State = “Started”
PhysicalPath = $Node.PhysicalPath
BindingInfo = MSFT_xWebBindingInformation
Protocol = “HTTPS”
Port = 443

                           CertificateThumbprint = "1C283E663C0BB5FAE92A83689A85790D2B3DDA0B"
                           CertificateStoreName  = "MY"  
                           IPAddress = "";

                         ApplicationPool = $Node.NewWebAppPoolName
        DependsOn       = "[File]WebContent"  

I have changed my xWebsite Schema to have MY in place of personal for certificatestore name

So when I run my configuration , I get the error :

Failure to add certificate to web binding. Please make sure that the certificate thumbprint
“1C283E663C0BB5FAE92A83689A85790D2B3DDA0B” is valid.

  • CategoryInfo : InvalidOperation: (:slight_smile: , CimException
    • FullyQualifiedErrorId : WebBindingCertifcateError,UpdateBindings

I have checked the Thumbprint it is a valid one . So please Let me know what is the problem ? Any help is appreciated 

SSL certificates usually need to be in the machine store, not your personal store, so that IIS can load them.