Write into microsoft edge


In a PS script wew entries are writen into a SAP Web access page. An open tab in an Internet Explorer is used for this.

$ie = (New-Object -COM 'Shell.Application').Windows() | where {$_.Name -eq 'Internet Explorer' -and $_.LocationName -like "*SAP*" -and $_.document.title -like "$card*"}

However, our company now works with Microsoft Edge. How do I find out what the $_.name for is that I have to use here. with the lower entry I get a count of 0.

$ie = (New-Object -COM 'Shell.Application').Windows() | where {$_.Name -eq 'Google - Microsoft Edge' -and $_.LocationName -like "*SAP*" -and $_.document.title -like "$card*"}

Could you plese help me with this issue?

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I’d suspect that this information eventually will not help you as Edge does not use the same object model like the old Internet Explorer. So probably it will not be possible to use the same logic to control the Edge window like you used to control the Internet Explorer window.