Working on csv data

Hi Guys,

I’m trying to create graphs with powershell, but i hit a snap with the input data.

I have a table in the form of:


to make a graph i need the input to look as this:


the code i am trying to adapt is this

(import-csv $LogDir\graph.csv) | Select @{Name=“Name”;Expression={$.name}}, @{Name=“Date”;Expression={$.date}},@{Name=“Aggregate”;Expression={{$.aggregate}{$.totalsize}}},@{Name=“TotalSize”;Expression={$.totalsize}},@{Name=“AvailableSize”;Expression={$.Availablesize}},@{Name=“UsedSize”;Expression={$_.usedsize}}|write-host

I know this is not working because my aggregates column is empty


if i remove the {$_.Totalsize} i will get the aggregate name but that’s not what i want
what do i need to do to get the output as:


I hope one of you guru’s know the answer. if there would be another solution please feel free to add it…

Something like this?

$InputData = import-csv $LogDir\graph.csv
$AggregateTotal = $InputData.aggregate | Measure-Object -Sum | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Sum
$InputData | Select-Object Name, Date, @{Name="Aggregate(TotalSize)";Expression={$AggregateTotal}}, Totalsize, Availablesize, Usedsize

Almost, but i’ve found a solution

(Import-Csv $LogDir\graph.csv) | Select @{Name=“Name”;Expression={$.name}}, @{Name=“Date”;Expression={$.date}}, @{Name=“Aggregate”;Expression={“$($.aggregate)($($.totalsize)TB)”}}, @{Name=“TotalSize”;Expression={$.totalsize}},@{Name=“AvailableSize”;Expression={$.Availablesize}},@{Name=“UsedSize”;Expression={$_.usedsize}} |export-csv $LogDir\graph2.csv

This is what i did: