Workflows -- Parallel Throttle Limit?

I just started using the new workflow construct in posh, and I’m wondering if there’s a way to specify a ‘throttle limit’ ( or something similar) parameter in the parallel blocks so that only x-number of simultaneous instructions get executed at once. For example, i would like to limit the following file copies to 32 nodes at a time:

workflow Distribute-Directory
[CmdletBinding()]Â Â
$dir_source = ‘C:\TEMP_packages\Intel-825xx-Gigabit-Ethernet-Controller’,
$dir_dest = ‘c$\temp’,

Foreach -parallel ($node_dest in $node) {

cmd /c robocopy $dir_source $("\\"+$node_dest+"\"+$dir_dest+"\"+(get-item $dir_source).Name) /E 



Many thanks!

That was added as a feature in v4, I believe.

Can anyone confirm/deny that the parameter -Throttlelimit works above 5?
ForEach -Parallel -ThrottleLimit 10 ( $database in $databases )

Shawn - be sure to start a new thread for a new question; I almost missed your reply, here.

The WWF engine handles the throttling; you can specify an upper limit, but the engine doesn’t have to use as many threads as you specify.

Any alternate or substitute to overcome the default throttle limit(5) or more than 5 ?