Workflow script doesn't see functions (paralalism in deploymentscripts)

hi guys,

i’m trying to bring down my deployment time on a production website. Its a bunch of scheduled tasks, Windows services and websites.
Today i deploy this in a sequential order, which is starting to take to long to complete.
Many of the Windows services can just be deployed, in no specific order. Its always just a (Stop service, overwrite files, Start Service).

I’ve been looking a multiple options to do this in parallel from powershell. Start-Job looks nice, but workflow is more interesting as i get to keep all my console output in the same context.

There is however a problem. The workflow functions, doesn’t always recongnize my user-defined powershell functions.
I see errors like:

“Microsoft.PowerShell.Utility\Write-Error : The term ‘Deploy-Website’ is not recognized as the name…”

I’m new with Workflow, but consider myself a decent powershell user. What the h**** am i doing wrong?
Attached is a empty “deployment package” with a very raw attampt to use workflow to deploy groups of services.
The example code has this problem.

Hi Kasper,

I’m not an expert on PowerShell workflow but I think you’ll need to replace “sequence” with “inlinescript” to use your custom functions.

  Deploy-Ressource -Ressource $Ressource        

  Deploy-Ressource -Ressource $Using:Ressource