WMI SUPERCLASS reference using Powershell

Hi friends,

I’m developing a WMI subclass and I would like to reference a superclass to my subclass.

I know the MOF code is:

class MySubClass : __Superclass

How can I do the same using Powershell?

My PS code is:

$NewClass = New-Object System.Management.ManagementClass (“root\MySubClass”, “root\MySubClass__Superclass”, $null);
$NewClass[‘__CLASS’] = “MySubClass”
$NewClass.Properties.Add(‘Name’, [System.Management.CimType]::String, $false)
$NewClass.Properties[‘Name’].Qualifiers.Add(‘Key’, $true)



Don’t you think it’s pretty unpolite to not to wait for an answer? You literally posted this question parrallel in two forums at the same time. :-/ HELP!!! How to do a WMI SUPERCLASS reference using POWERSHELL

Hi Olaf,

I’m sharing a question with the community not to wait a final answer, but to exchange experiences and new view points to maybe solve a problem. Experts from both foruns can sharing their knowledge.

Thank you for your feedback.