WindowsFeature Resource not working on Win10

I coded up a simple configuration that installs certain feature using WindowsFeature resource. When i apply this configuration on the machine which happens to be Win10 machine, I get errors that basically tell me “this command is not applicable to client operating systems”.
I initially thought the feature i am trying to install probably is the problem. So i chose a very basic feature that can be installed on client OS as well. for ex:
But still i get the same error.

I read in a post by “Ameer Deen” here that WindowsFeature resource only works on server operating systems. Is this true?

Is there a resource that can help me install/uninstall windows features on client operating systems?

Not sure about how this will work on win 10, but if it would work on it, it would probably be only om enterprise edition.

I dont consider dsc the ultimate go-to technology for everything, but PowerShell could do that if your willing to put the effort to write it your own, or scan github for people who have done similar.

Id probably use Group policy if you have active directory. SCCM or variants if you have them.

WindowsFeature is server-only; it relies on functionality in Server Manager. I’m not aware of a similar resource for clients, yet.

I found xDismFeature that tries to install/uninstall/get windowsfeatures/enable and disable windows features. It is here at github

I understand this uses dism.exe to do all its work. Do you think this Resource will work for both client and server operating systems?

My requirement is that the same resources will need to work on both Win10 and Win2016. Also my machines will not be in AD environments.

Do you see any issues with me using this xDismFeature Resource given my unique requirement?


I’ve not used it. You’ll need to look at it yourself, and test it.

“My requirement is that the same resources will need to work on both Win10 and Win2016.”

The person who made this requirement should think if DSC is the right technology to use in this case.
If it is, then the solution would be to write your own resource and thus control all aspects.

As for xDISM, its not for what you described. It is used for creating images to be deployed on nodes.
But I think MS has moved to another method iirc.