Windows Performance email high peaks

Thank you in advance,
Is there an easy script that I can use to create a performance log alert every time I get a CPU,Memory,HDD above a set threshold… ?
My main problem is I don’t know how to create this by getting real time values and also not creating overhead.


" Constantly monitor a server and Email the system admin whenever a server reaches more than 85% of processor use. "

Thanks for helping me getting started with this task.

You can try WMI Event Notifiers outlined here:

Even if you are running a check every 5 min with Powershell via Scheduled Tasks, it should run in a couple of seconds and not generate too much overhead on the server.

A server reaching 85% isn’t necessarily an issue. A server reaching 85% and sitting there for a significant period most likely is an issue. You need to think of time in this as well. I’m going to try and put a blog post together with an example

Thank you, I will try something out with WMI Event Notifiers like Richard states, I will keep you posted.