Windows Live Login

attempting to login to windows live using powershell but getting an error about cookies which is weird because I am able to login just fine when done manually.
this is the exact message “cookies must be allowed”

$windowslive = ""
$result = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $windowslive -SessionVariable wlive

any help is appreciated.

Maybe this tread will help?

Yeah, the problem here is that while a web browser automatically accepts and sends cookies, Invoke-WebRequest does not. The examples in Invoke-WebRequest’s help file shows an example of accepting and re-sending a cookie. Since you’re not using a web browser, you have to manually code some of the plumbing a web browser normally provides.

@sponsen - thanks for the link. I had seen this :slight_smile: but it didn’t have what I need.

@don - I took a look at the help file on my computer as well as online(help invoke-webrequest -online) but couldn’t find an example that shows how to accept cookies.