Where-object on multiple valued property


returns a column named “Server addresses,” that contains ip addresses inside of squiggly lines. i want to find each interface that has a dns server with “10.” in its ip.

Get-DNSClientServerAddress | ? serveraddresses -contains “10.”"

“Get-DNSClientServerAddress | ? serveraddresses | get-member” says this is a “Selected.Microsoft.Management.Infrastructure.CimInstance” type, and it has a noteproperty named ‘serveraddreses’.

but i can’t get it to work with contains, like, $.serveraddresses.serveraddresses, $($.serveraddresses).serveraddresses, or anything else i tried. how can i filter this with a where?

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Have you tried

Get-DNSClientServerAddress | ? {$_.ServerAddresses -match '10'}

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You may use a loop to extract all individual serveraddresses top be able to compare them to your condition.

thank you. that was too easy, and i feel dumb. but i now that i look at it, i did lie in my original post, and i specifically need them to start with 10, not just contain 10. so i think

-match "^10\."

does it.

Glad you got it figured.