Where is the click for "All my posts"?


I have been out fir a few weeks … and upon return, note that several changes to the main web page have been made. I am looking for those very useful links in the past the were on the right-most side of the forum page where “All my posts”, “All my posts with replies”, etc. used to be displayed. They are now missing … and after a few tries here and there, I can’t seem to find them. Kindly please give me some guidance on locating them, thanks.


This is not a Powershell question, this should be posted here: https://powershell.org/forums/forum/community-discussion-site-feedback/

OK, Rob has a great point, but it appears to be here: Click Forums on the left, then in the upper middle of the page, select My Profile Page and there links are the, but they dont work :frowning: