what am i doing wrong

Hello Experts i am trying to install SQL Server using powershell silent install and its failing to recognize one of the mount point(share drives) which i am using to place my sql system databases in, and i have evaluated with precheck that script is directly looking at h:/SysData drive, but its failing with error

Overall summary:

Final result: Failed: see details below

Exit code (Decimal): -2068578304

Exit facility code: 1204

Exit error code: 0

Exit message: The path 0\MSSQL11.XXXXXXX\MSSQL\DATA is malformed or not absolute.

Start time: 2018-09-14 11:29:34

End time: 2018-09-14 11:31:29

Requested action: InstallFailoverCluster


Code liner here


Make sure variable $pINSTALLSQLDATADRIVE is defined properly and it would be helpful if you share the code(sample) here.

Hello Prasoon, do you have mail account where i can send you the script i am using.

Well doesn’t the exit message state what is wrong?

‘The path 0\MSSQL11.XXXXXXX\MSSQL\DATA is malformed or not absolute.’

Basically your path is not correct.
If you do a “dir” using the path above does it actually work?
If not then you can be sure that it won’t work for the script either.

To troubleshoot just copy the code for the path variable and try it seperately.
E.g. create the path as you would in your code and then just do write-output of that variable instead of doing anything with it.
Just to see what it looks like.

Or use a break point in your favourite editor if you’re familiar with using break points.

Hello Fedrik , yeah i tried to resolve the path using dir and it resolved well… basically i only pass the drive letter and folder name and SQL creates the rest of the path as part of installation in case of system drives. my mounted drive is h:/sysdata and this is all i point my script to, but its not recognizing the h:/sysdata or anything of it… it simply saying path is obsolete.

expected out put h:\Sysdata\MSSQL11.XXXXXXX\MSSQL\DATA

but given was 0\MSSQL11.XXXXXXX\MSSQL\DATA …

Did you check what kvprasoon asked?

Meaning, what does $pINSTALLSQLDATADRIVE contain when the script runs?

Also what does the code line look like that uses $pINSTALLSQLDATADIR