what am I doing wrong here

i want to copy IIS logs from multiple app servers and dump them into one place. The script will run at the destination server. Hence, I wrote the script below. However, instead of going through one element in the array at a time, powershell treats everything as 1 element. How can I fix this issue? Any help would be appreciated,.


$unCA = “\”, “\”, “\”, “\”, “\”, “\”
$unCB = “\”
$source = “C$\inetpub\logs\LogFiles\W3SVC1*.log”
$destination = "E$"
foreach ($element in $unCA) {
copy-item $uncA$source $uncB$destination

This line:

copy-item $uncA\$source $uncB\$destination

Should probably be this:

copy-item $element\$source $uncB\$destination