Viewing IIS Web Configuration: HTTP Verbs


I’m configuring IIS on some servers to add deny HTTP Verbs to the Request Filtering section. This was done using the following:

Add-WebConfigurationProperty -PSPath 'MACHINE/WEBROOT/APPHOST' -Filter 'system.webServer/security/requestFiltering' -Value @{VERB="OPTIONS";allowed="False"} -Name Verbs -AtIndex 0

…however, I want to be able to confirm the presence of this after it’s been configured. The following shows some properties but not the actual HTTP Verbs list:

Get-WebConfigurationProperty -pspath 'MACHINE/WEBROOT/APPHOST' -filter 'system.webServer/security/requestFiltering' -Name Verbs

What do I need to add to list the verbs added?

Sorted this out by following the advice here: Viewing IIS Web Configuration via PowerShell: HTTP Verbs - Server Fault