Verbose not working with Invoke-Command...

I have the following script:

    try {
        Invoke-Command -Computer $Server -ScriptBlock { Get-ChildItem -Path $Directory | 
        Where {$_.Name -Match "$DB"} | 
        Remove-Item -confirm:$false -Recurse $VerbosePreference='Continue'; -Verbose } #-Verbose

        Write-Host "`r`nsuccessfull! " -foregroundcolor yellow -backgroundcolor black
    catch {
        write-host "`r`nFAILED!" -foregroundcolor red -backgroundcolor black
        Write-Host "$($error[0])`r`n" -foregroundcolor magenta -backgroundcolor black

-verbose is not generating any verbose like this:

VERBOSE: Performing the operation "Remove File" on target ...
if i try the following command:
Get-ChildItem -Path 'E:\' | Where{$_.Name -Match "text"} | Remove-Item -confirm:$false -Recurse
I actually get back:
VERBOSE: Performing the operation "Remove File" on target "E:\text.xml".

VERBOSE: Performing the operation “Remove File” on target “E:\text.txt”.

according to this thread:

How to Write-Verbose from Invoke-Command?

I am supposed to use $VerbosePreference=‘Continue’;

but i already tried that as you can see and still i cant get verbose to output anything!

also, even though no folders get deleted, apparently, my try catch STILL outputs that it was successfull…

how come?

have to pass parameters into the script block:

Invoke-Command -Computer $Server -ScriptBlock { 
    param ($dir, $name)
    Get-ChildItem -Path $dir | 
        Where {$_.Name -Match "$name"} | 
            Remove-Item -confirm:$false -Recurse -Verbose 
} -ArgumentList $Directory, $DB

the reason I see nothing from the -Verbose is because the Get-Childitem didn’t find anything.